Software on Demand

Nowadays it is reasonable and sometimes unavoidable to solve special problems by developing software that is fitted to your needs - a software that is not available on the market or software that acts as glue between existing applications that unleash their full potential.
We take care of all issues that arise during development and compile all necessary concepts with you and implement them.


Additionally to developing software we offer different consulting services on various areas:

Database Development
We aid in developing a database model from an existing concept and optimize it for performance in queries and for scalability. By avoiding flaws in the design-phase even bigger modifications to the data model can be made afterwards without causing any side-effects.
With our experience we can avoid bottlenecks while accessing the database from the start. To achieve this we assist you in developing stored procedure or develop them by ourselves. We support you in developing databases based on Interbase, MS SQL Server and Oracle.
Multitier-Applications / Distributed Applications
n-Tier applications can be quite complex and many problems become only visible at the very end of the development process i.e. in the shape of performance degradation. We assist you in designing the different application-layers and interfaces so everything is optimized for low network-traffic and calls between the different layers are bundled as far as possible. By using standards like SOAP and WSDL and strict separation in modules, applications can be easily distributed and are scalable by using multiple servers.
Multimedia Development
We offer consulting and experience in developing multimedia and graphics-applications especially based on Delphi and .NET (e.g. GDI, DirectX / DirectShow, Graphics32, Flash, ...).
Additionally for Delphi-based projects we have several concepts and ready solutions starting with DirectShow filter-development and going as far as complete non-linear editing-solutions.
Our experience also covers questions concerning MPEG and (Super-)VideoCD / DVD-based developments.
Component Development We develop visual as well as non-visual components based on .NET and Delphi (VCL / CLX / .NET) or assist you in developing such components.


If you're interested in collaborative work contact us.

We are also generally interested in finding new distributors.